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The heart of the French countryside belongs to the Limousin region. Limousin is located in the centre of France, and is a prime location for any angler. In old provincial dialect, Limousin was described as “Milles Vaches” which translates to “One Thousand Creeks”. The pristine creeks of Limousin are a paradise for the brown trout and fly fishers, and the home of the famous French Nymphing technique.

Limousin is where I spent my childhood, and I caught my first trout on a dry fly under the proud eyes of my Grandfather. This very fly was hand tied by my Grandfather with the hackles from “Le Coq de Pêche” (local rooster), and was cast using a 1954 “Pezon et Michel” bamboo rod, paired with a silk line. This memory will stay with me forever.

As the years went by, my passion for fly fishing kept growing and has driven me to travel the world perfecting this art. In all my trips, I fished with enjoyment and great success using flies, silk lines, leaders, and rods hand made from Limousin. Interestingly, many anglers were astonished about the quality of these rare fly fishing products, and would ask me where to find them.

Welcome to the Exclusive Cast website, the first site that offers fly fishers access to unique quality products and luxury items, made in Limousin - France, dedicated to our favourite past-time; fly fishing. Angler enthusiasts will appreciate the art and devotion bestowed to these fly fishing products made by passionate people and for your pleasure.

Also, like any keen angler, I have an appreciation for new and innovative technology in fly fishing. Therefore I have introduced to the range other unique European products that add a new dimension to fly fishing. The “French Revolution” is back...

I hope you will enjoy discovering what beautiful and exclusive products we have to offer…

Tight line.

Julien Thomas


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