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Peux Tippet Dispenser

As seen in FLY LIFE Mag #62


Landing Net

Designed by French competitive anglers, the pan style JMC Landing Net has an oversized head which allows you to net large fish. Built around a light weight aluminium frame, the deep net itself is very soft allowing you to respect your catch, big or small, and guarantees the best condition of the fish when returned back to the water. The handle, completed with a bungy cord, is made with high grade cork and together with the aluminium frame allows the JMC Landing Net to float on the water. The JMC Landing Net can be carried on the back of your fishing jacket, and can come with a powerful magnetic clip and measuring tape (options).


Little tips to get the most of your JMC net:

  • Install the magnetic clip at 45 degrees from the top of the net. This way, the handle can point out on the side of your spare hand. While fighting with your fish, you will be able to grab your net immediately without looking for it.
  • Make sure the magnetic clip is free of sand and/or gravel, otherwise the net will keep falling down.
  • Attach the end of the stretch cord to the belt of your waders.