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Peux Tippet Dispenser

As seen in FLY LIFE Mag #62


Tippet Material

The tippet is ultimatly the only link between you and the fish, therefore it must be chosen with the highest attention. Exclusive Cast has selected the tippet material range used by the France National team.

Firstly, JMC Kamoufil is a great material for your leader butt construction from .45 down to .25. The JMC Kamoufil is dyed in a sequence of approximately one foot per colour, ranging from clear, yellow, green and black. As a result, this breaks the line shadow and reflection making it more discreet to the fish. Also, the JMC Kamoufil is pre-cooked, making it memory free and more elastic than conventional monofilament.

Secondly, the Devaux tippet material will complete your JMC Kamoufil butt from .22 down to a tiny .07. The Devaux tippet is transparent, elastic and highly resitant to knots. In the view to offer the best ever knot resistance, the manufacturing formula is different for the heavier (Tiger) and smaller (Super Tippet) diameter. Devaux created 2 sub-caterogies: the Tiger from .22 down to .16, and the Super Tippet from .14 down to .07, including a .09 and .08 to transmit the leader energy better, and soften the presentation.