2012 Fly Fishing Seminar Report

During the course of 2 days, each seminar took place with a very enthusiastic spirit, and delegates were eager to gain as much information possible... and there was a lot of it considering the competency and knowledge of our guest presenter Yannick Riviére.

We had delegates attend, from all over Australia, keen to improve their trout river fishing. The third seminar of the series was booked out by the Australian Fly Fishing team. Yannick’s competition skills put them in the best position to aid their campaign for Norway in 2013.  


Unlike any other course, the Exclusive Cast Seminar series was a real eye opener to completely new techniques and conception of fly fishing coming directly, without any reservations, from France.




Highlights Included:    

  • The theory and practice behind the French Casting technique which revolutionised all the previous habits and methods of the delegates. The result and the efficiency of the French Cast is obvious, allowing your fly to land first and drift drag free for much longer. Yannick, as a master, demonstrated this technique and was able to land his fly in the tightest spots you would never imagine were possible to reach.

  • The involved but simplistic nymph fly box organisation in relation to the colour, shape, size, and most importantly weight. Utilising this systematic fly box, Yannick taught us how to get the most results by understanding the 4 different phases of the nymph drift, allowing you to search in and cover all the water columns.

  • Yannick’s tricks of the trade. New knots allowing you to change your flies in record time, and the set up of versatile leaders allowing a switch between dry and nymph, so you can be proactive on the water. And let’s not forget the captivating fly tying session!



Once again, a big thank you to Yannick who made this seminar series inspirational, fun and educational. We cannot wait to get you back to Australia, mate! For those of you who would like to view Yannick’s experience of Australia, click on the link below.


Click Here: Yannick's Tasmanian Experience



Also, a big thank you to Christopher Bassano from Rainbow Lodge for playing a such great and important part into the organisation of the seminars, and introducing Yannick to the Tassie rivers. We cannot conclude this summary of the seminars without mentioning how divine Alana’s “cuisine” was, and her care to look after everyone during the course.


Next year the seminars will be held again. The location and format will be revealed in the second 1/4 of 2013 and will feature some 3 day seminars during the week and 2 day seminars on the weekend.


For information, and to read about the program for the 2012 Fly Fishing Seminar series, click below.