A  new great way to store and transport your flies.

In Northern Spain, the guys from Thinkfish have been thinking for a long time for effective and innovative solutions to store and transport your flies... that is how the Flypad was born, featuring several key designs:


·       The Flypad opens in the portrait plan rather than the landscape plan like other boxes do. This means the Flypad can be securely held in the palm of one hand only.

·       The lid of the Flypad is transparent so you can pre-select your fly before even opening it.

·       The Flypad is 100% waterproof. It can rain on it, or be dropped in the water, or go into the water while deep wadding, we guaranty your flies will stay dry.

·       The construction material of the Flypad is very tough and will withstand shocks and drops.

·       The Flypad has a sleek design with minimalist dimensions (17cm x 8.5cm x 2cm) so it is easy to carry and it is possible to have multiple Flypads in your fishing jacket.


But the innovation of the Flypad does not stop here. To answer the needs of transporting a large range of flies to face various fishing situations, the Flypad comes with a smart interchangeable Tray Insert System, (4 different tray designs from 114 to 144 slots).


And the grand finale is the compact Flypad Storage Box (20cm x 20cm x 11cm), that enables you to carry 2 Flypads and 8 Tray Inserts, so in total over 1200 flies. The Flypads are strapped on the side of the box, and the trays are very well secured inside the ventilated box, so the flies can dry.


So whatever the day brings, you can walk to the river with the right fly selection.



Please click here to see the Flypad product animation from Thinkfishworld