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French Nymphing Rod

10-11" #3 French Nymphing Rod by Christian Launstorfer

The French Nymphing technique requires special attention with your rod selection. Unlike other types of fly fishing techniques, with French Nymphing there is no real casting involved. In fact, the fly is generally lobbed and only the leader is out of the reel (so here is the controversy about the technique). Therefore, the rod must be progressive enough to enable such presentation of this near weightless rig. A lot of rods are generally too stiff and cannot lob the fly properly.

Another paramount feature of the French Nymphing technique resides in the control of the drift. The length of the rod becomes primordial. Quite often you will find yourself extending your arm to reach further. In summary, every inch longer you can reach contributes to the success of this technique, so a light 10" to 11" rod is needed.

Christian Launstorfer’s magic has once again come in to play. He produces a transformable 10" to 11" rod weighing only 110 grams! The unique features of this rod evolve around the fact it can be converted from 10" to 11" and vice versa without the need of unrigging the rod. A guideless extension fits in-between the butt and the first section of the rod... et voila. The result is two rods in one, and you can enjoy both lengths in the same fishing session if needed.

The action of this rod is just right for French Nymphing. The bend is very progressive and it is very soft in the tip, while it still maintains the strength in the butt to help fight bigger fish. Using a Limousin 12.5m long French Nymphing silk line leader to complete this outfit is perfect. The rod is rated for a line #3 weight, and this makes it a terrific rod for dry fly in 10" and wonderful rod for swinging flies in 11" configuration. Just brilliant! Having the 2 running guides close together in the 10" configuration does not interfere at all with the casting performance.

This magnificent rod is built over a dark green blank, with a satin finish, and equiped with titanium guides. The half well cork handle is realised using the best cork in the world from Portugal, a "Fleur de Liege" AAAA+ grade cork. Together with the half well handle and the fighting butt, holding the rod is easy and also well balanced. All the guides are titanium, with a dark green wrapping in a gloss finish.

For convenience and travel, the rod comes in 5 pieces (4 equal sections + extension), nicely accommodated within a compartmented suede cover inside a protective leather tube.  Finally, each rod is custom made and can be personalised, so please feel free to contact us to discuss what your options are.