Peux - Fulgor

Famous for its exclusive work, Peux manufactures their reels one at a time and 100% in Switzerland. The SpeedLine series has astonished flyfishers in Australia, primarily for their retrieval speed and drag system, and now the latest addition to the Peux Family has everything and more to impress admirers of sleek technology.

The mid-arbor FULGOR fly reel by Peux is highly regarded in Europe as the best semi-automatic fly reel because it reaches perfection. The lever operation in the front brings an amazing retrieval speed to pick up the slack line (one squeeze brings back over 2 metres of line), while as an option it is possible to still have a conventional handle located on the spool allowing you to play a fish like usual. But it’s not only this that makes the reel so special, there is the precision of its mechanism with a sound that inspires quality, and a smooth and progressive teflon drag system. The FULGOR fly reel’s design is purely functional, turned in the highest grade of aluminium making it light, scratch and shock resistant. This combination of elements makes for a brilliant reel and trying it is like discovering for the very first time the drive of a luxury car.



The FULGOR fly reel is available in two colours, either black or gun metal, and in 3 sizes to suit all types of fishing. The smallest size (01) is ideal for fishing in little creeks and rivers with a 3 or 4 weight line. The intermediate model (02) is perfect for traditional trout river fishing with a 5 or 6 weight line, but also balances very well with a French Nymphing rod. Finally the last model (03), has the same dimension than the model (02), but has a deeper spool, allowing a bigger line capacity like a 7 weight line and above, making it perfect for lake fishing.


Model n°

Spool Diameter 
ext / int. (mm)

DT Line 
+ Backing

WF Line 
+ Backing



74 / 34

up to DT5





82 / 40

up to DT6





82 / 40

up to DT7





Changing the spool has never been so quick and easy than with the revolutionary FULGOR ball locking system, exclusive to Peux