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Peux Tippet Dispenser

As seen in FLY LIFE Mag #62


Fly Lines

If you really want to explore the full capabilities of your fly rod, either bamboo or graphite, you must try a silk line.

The fishing performance and casting qualities of silk line are unique and still have their place next to modern synthetic fly lines. The key difference between a silk line and a synthetic line is its density. To any given weight, a silk fly line is thinner than a synthetic line by 30 percent. Less bulk means less water disturbance, allowing discrete drops and pick-ups. In addition, casting is enhanced thanks to less air resistance, permitting better casts in windy conditions. Silk lines have a very low memory, do not stretch, and can last a lifetime as opposed to synthetic lines.

Exclusive Cast is delighted to represent the two French major silk line manufacturers, offering a selection of quality lines... another way to experience fly-fishing.