Timber Boxes

“Stylish and authentic, the timber handcrafted fly boxes bring back the real spirit of your fishing environment.”

Fly boxes are one of the most indispensable items for any angler as they allow you to store and organise your valuable flies. Hand made fly boxes crafted from remarkable quality French walnut timber will house your flies in style.

Thierry Bonnini is a woodwork master, and a keen fly fisherman. His passion lead him to produce some stunning timber fly boxes carved from one piece of Limousin walnut timber tree. The dimensions are either 6”x3” or 4”x3”, and are designed to store either dry flies (compartmented and foam) or wet flies (ridged foam only).

The finished product is without comparison. The fly boxes are protected by no less than 3 coats of polyurethane veneer for the exterior, and linseed oil for the interior. Brass hardware is carved and polished by hand, and a polycarbonate glass separation window holds the flies in their compartments.

Fly boxes can be personalized with your name, or a graphic, made from black ink and incorporating the individual timber vein patterns.

* Delivery time frame: up to 3 to 4 months