Exclusive Cast Level Silk Line SALE

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Exclusive Cast Level Silk Line SALE

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The Exclusive Cast silk fly lines are a delight to use in little rivers and creeks for dry fly fishing. It comes only on level profile 3 weight equivalent, and 15m long. The presentation confers by this silk line is unique: it lands very, very softly on the water, in a way that it is unrival by any other products use so far.  It must off course be used with a soft action rod 2-3# to enjoy this line, and understand that casting range will be limited to 12m (without having to push into the rod), which is in most of the small river fishing situation very rare to exceed this distance anyway. Properly dressed it float very high on the water, and with its dark green colour, it insures you the maximum discretion even on gin clear water.

The great advantage of the Exclusive Cast silk lines, is the fact that they are maintenance free, meanning they do not require to be removed for your reel and dryed off over night aftrer each fishing session. Simply apply a small amount of grease (provided) from time to time on a very dry line, let it absorbs, and removethe excess to a point the line is not sticky- the line must slide perfectly through the guides.

This is a great product to have an introduction with silk line fishing at a fanstastic price.

Exclusive Cast Level Silk Line SALE
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