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Peux Tippet Dispenser

As seen in FLY LIFE Mag #62



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Model: DFS01

The Fishscale, set of two adhesive strips, sticks to your rod to measure your fish with minimal handling. This easy, cheap and waterproof scale is see-through therefore it does not impair your rod appearance or action. Ideal for fish conservation and a speedy catch-release.

It is sold in one pack of 2 fishscales.

To install your rod with a Fishscale:

1. Clean the surface: To ensure good bonding of your Fishscale, clean the surface of your rod thoroughly so that it is grease-free and dry.
2. Placement: Place your "0" mark, then measure 20cm accurately to place the first strip (20-48.5cm), then place the second strip (48.5-70).
3. Fixing: Carefully rub down the scale to smooth it out and complete bonding.

Now you're ready!

The Fishscale can also be placed on your net or boat.

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